Studies have shown that playschool is a positive first step in a child’s education.  Playschool develops social, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills.  Working, playing and sharing in a group helps to prepare children for team playing and group interactions later in life.  Children learn a great deal through play: it’s their work.  Play provides a natural opportunity for young children to learn new skills, to practice familiar ones as well as to teach others what they know.  Studies have shown that 70% child-directed time combined with 30% teacher-directed time is a perfect happy balance.

All children attending the Banff Rundle Playschool must be fully toilet  trained.   Pull-ups  or any other type of training  diapers  are not permitted.  Please encourage  your child to use the washroom  before entering  the classroom.  In the event of a bowel movement  mishap  at Playschool,  the parent will be called to come and assist his/her child.  In the event of a urine mishap,  the child will be changed  into his/her  spare  clothes.

In the event of a school closure or sudden change  in the regular  programming,  the assigned Scheduler will contact  the families  within their class. Attempts will be made firstly by phone,  lastly by email.  Please ensure that your contact numbers stay updated. Please note that the school may be closed if the teacher is ill and we are unable to arrange for a substitute teacher.

For the safety  of ALL and to allow immediate  access  for emergency  vehicles,  please  DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE GATE.
Please park strollers and bikes on the grassed area and attend to your children while in the parking lot and rear alley.  Please close the gate after you.

The Playschool  telephone  is to be used for emergency purposes only. The telephone number is 403-762-4828.

A class  photograph  plus individual  photographs are taken  in October  or November.  Look for information on the date, time and cost in the newsletter  and on the bulletin  board.

Upon registration  you will be asked  to sign a publication  release  in the event that during  Playschool activities your child should happen to be in a photo that gets  published.  Please speak to a Board member if this causes any concern.

The Banff Rundle Playschool insures each child under a “Group Accident” insurance policy. It is an “award” type policy and is not meant to replace or supplement Alberta Health Care. Please contact the Vice-Chair if you require more information.

The Alberta Government offers financial subsidy to qualifying families.  For more information or to apply, please call: 1-877-644-9992 or visit:

We communicate with parents in a Monthly  Newsletter  which is emailed monthly to each family. The newsletter is full of information about the teacher’s themes for the month, news from the past month, upcoming Playschool holidays, as well as the monthly cleaning crew dates.

A Monthly Calendar will also be emailed detailing class-specific news, including class field trips and outings, special activities and visitors as well as the Parent of the Day schedules. Please check the bulletin board regularly for these postings and current Playschool information. If you do not have internet access, paper copies will be available on the bulletin board.

A Comment Box is available for your convenience on the Playschool bulletin board and directs all questions and concerns to the Parent Committee Board if you are uncomfortable talking with board members directly. All concerns will be held in strict confidence by the appropriate person(s). The Comment Box is checked monthly and any concerns, suggestions and questions are discussed at the earliest board meeting.

If you have any concerns about Classroom  Procedures  please contact the teacher. If you are not satisfied with the action taken, then contact the Board’s Chairperson.

If you have any questions about Playschool  Policies  please contact the Board’s Chairperson.


The following are guidelines to help parents and teachers decide when a child is too ill to attend Playschool. For the safety of other children, your child should be excluded from Playschool if he or she is exhibiting any of the following:

  • Diarrhea:   Two loose bowel movements within 4 hours
  • Vomiting:   One or more episodes within the last 12 hours
  • Flu:   In combination with one of the above or fever or lethargy
  • Fever:  A temperature of 100 F or 37.5 C or higher
  • Rashes: Any questionable rashes
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink  Eye):  The child is to remain at home until they have been on medication for 24 hours
  • Ear Infection, Cough:  If being treated by a doctor with antibiotics it is recommended that the child remain at home for at least 24 hours
  • Parasitic  Infestation:    The child is to remain at home until clearance from a doctor or health unit is obtained
  • Communicable Disease (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, etc.): The child is to remain at home until clearance from a doctor or health unit is obtained

If a child attends Playschool with one of the above medical problems, the parents or contact person will be phoned to take the child home. If you have any questions regarding the above, please phone the Banff Health Unit at 403-762-2990.

The  Banff Rundle  Playschool  holds a strict “No Nit Policy”.  In the event of head lice at Playschool, the play areas will undergo  an immediately  disinfection  and be thoroughly  cleaned.  We will check all children  before they  enter the classroom  and we will send children  home who show signs of lice or nits. While families  may report that they are doing  the treatments,   it is nearly  impossible  for our Parent  Helper  and Teacher  to distinguish  between  live and dead  nits.

Please  comb  hair thoroughly  to remove  nits before  returning  to school.  While this policy  may conflict with information  from health  professionals,   as a private,  non-profit  organization  we need to act in the  best interests  of our families  to do everything  possible to prevent  lice from becoming  an ongoing problem.  Children  may return to school  after having  lice with a doctor’s  note stating  that the lice are dead and gone.

If you discover  that your child has a case  of head lice, please  seek appropriate  treatment  and do not bring your child to Playschool  until they  have  been cleared  by a physician  or health  nurse. Also, please  ensure  that the head lice problem  has been  resolved  in your entire  household.

For further information, contact Health Link Alberta at 1-866-408-LINK(5465) or the Banff Health Unit at 403-762-2990.

The teacher must be notified if your child is on any kind of medication. The teacher  or parent  helpers  cannot  administer  any medication  to any child in the Playschool,  with the exception  of an emergency  situation  requiring  the use of an Epipen  as a life-saving  treatment or an asthma puffer. The Epipen and asthma puffer  must have clear  instructions  and be visible  in the classroom  at all times  that the child is present.

The  Banff Rundle  Playschool  requires  a signed  consent  for emergency  medication  to be administered.   An emergency   medicine  form will be completed  if medication  is administered.

The Banff Health Unit requires that all adults who are helping out as Parents of the Day and who have immigrated to Canada from Asia within the past two years obtain a T.B. inoculation. These are required every two years and are available through the Banff Health Unit, 403-762-2990.

The teacher and any substitute teachers will hold valid, up-to-date First Aid Certification.

The teacher will take whatever steps necessary to obtain emergency medical care if warranted. All injuries will be immediately assessed for severity and if necessary first aid will be applied.

If the injury requires further attention, attempt to contact a parent or guardian will be made. If this is not successful, an attempt to contact the child’s physician will be made and/or an attempt to contact the parents through their emergency contact information. If the parent / child’s physician cannot be contacted, any of the following actions may be taken:
Call another physician;
Have the child taken to the hospital;
Call an ambulance; (Any ambulance expenses incurred must be covered by the child’s family)

Please note that the Playschool uses universal precautions regarding the handling of bodily fluids, which consists of wearing gloves, removal of visible blood or bodily fluids with a chemical germicide solution or a 1:10 bleach  solution, and disposal of gloves  and wiping  material in double  bags.

All accidents will be reported on an accident record form.

In case of fire or emergency, the Playschool will be evacuated. The teacher will accompany the children through the nearest exit; The Parent of the Day will check the playschool, lobby and washroom for missing children, and will close all doors behind them;

– The teacher will take attendance; Everyone will proceed to the pre-designated emergency shelter located in the lobby of the Clock Tower Mall (108 Banff Avenue);

– The teacher will phone the required emergency responders (fire department, police, etc.) if required; teacher will phone the children’s parents.

– Regular emergency drills are conducted to familiarize the children with this procedure. All children and Parent Helpers are required to wear proper footwear, which are suitable for the weather conditions in case of evacuation.