Parent Involvement

The Playschool  is a private, non-profit preschool organization.  As we strive to make this an affordable  learning  experience for your child,  parental  involvement  is crucial  to keeping our Playschool open.  Parents are encouraged to take part in the program as much as possible and there are many ways for parents to volunteer their time: in the classroom, during field trips, on committees, or on the Playschool Board.  We depend  entirely  on parent volunteers.  All of the Board and Committee  members  volunteer  their time to ensure  the Playschool runs smoothly  and with success.
If you have a special talent or interesting skill you would like to share with a class, please contact the Teacher or the Lead Scheduler to arrange a special guest day.

The success of the program is dependent upon a coordinated team approach in order to meet the needs of children and parents.

The Playschool’s licensing regulations require two adults to be present in each classroom during operation, in the case of our Playschool this means one teacher and one parent.

In order to keep program fees affordable, the Playschool does not employ classroom aides, therefore parents MUST take their turn as Parent of the Day to assist the teacher.

A fair rotation of parent volunteers will be maintained depending on the class size and number of classes per month. A monthly schedule will be emailed to you, and for your convenience, class schedules are posted on the bulletin board.

All parents/caregivers MUST obtain  a criminal record check from the RCMP and submit it to the Playschool PRIOR to helping.  It may take several weeks to obtain this check.  Please plan accordingly.

We are dependent upon our parent helpers, so without a Parent of the Day, the class will be cancelled.  If you are unable to attend on your pre-scheduled day, it is your responsibility to find someone to take your place BEFORE your scheduled day. (i.e. relative, grandparent, family friend etc.) Please  note that a recent  clear RCMP  check must be on-site  at the playschool  for all adults who volunteer  in the class.

You are expected to arrive at the Playschool 15 minutes before class begins and plan to remain 15 minutes after class dismisses to ensure the room is clean and tidy.

As Parent of the Day you are required to assist the teacher with several tasks. These tasks include, but are not limited to the following:
Shovel snow as required along the entrance sidewalk and the rear fire exit doors; wash tables with bleach solution in preparation for snack;
Assist with hand washing; Spray bathroom sink with bleach solution; Sweep / Vacuum, as needed; Accompany children to the washroom and back to the classroom.

When a child is using the bathroom, the door to the Playschool is to remain open and the bathroom door is to remain closed. The parent helper is to remain outside the bathroom, unless a child requires assistance in the washroom, then the parent helper may enter, leaving the bathroom door open.

Remember  to enjoy  yourself!  It is a very  special  day for your child when  they have mom, dad or caregiver  as Parent of the Day!

Parent  assistance  will be required  for some field trips  and special  outings.  Some special  events require  a parent to attend with their child and other events  will require  that the children  be dropped off/picked  up at a location  other than the Playschool.
You will be notified  of these  requests,  and please  check the bulletin  board regularly.

In the event of a temperature   drop  below  minus   15 degrees,   scheduled  field trips,  library days & reading  buddy sessions  may be cancelled.  The Schedulers  will contact  you if changes  or cancelations   occur. Attempts  will be made firstly  by phone,  lastly by email.  Please  ensure   that  all changes   with  your  contact   numbers   are  updated   with  the  Registrar.

Raising  funds  is necessary  during  the school  year to support  Playschool  activities,  replace  furniture, toys, books,  educational  material  and at times  make  up for short falls in tuition.  Parents  are expected to participate  in fundraising   events  as determined   annually.  Upon registration  you will be asked  to provide  a postdated  cheque  in the amount  of $125.00  payable  to the Banff Rundle  Playschool,  only to be cashed  if your fundraising obligation  is not met. If you would  like to be a part of the Fundraising  Committee,  or if you have fundraising  suggestions, please  communicate them to the Lead Fundraiser.

The Party Planning  Committee  plans  all celebratory  events  throughout  the year.  Parties  include: Halloween,  Christmas,  Valentine’s   Day, Easter,  and a Year-End  Celebration.   If you wish to be a part of this committee,  please  contact  the  Lead Party Planner.

Most parties  will be held at the school  during  regular  class time.  Other  parties  may be held off-site and require  parent  participation.   Please watch  the bulletin  board for details  and parent volunteer opportunities.

The Playschool  is cleaned  twice weekly  by a person/company   hired by the Playschool  Board. This includes  the classroom,  hallway  and bathroom.  The Church  also contracts  a cleaner  weekly  for the hallway,  bathroom  and other church  property.  We work with the church  to make sure these  cleaning days do not coincide.

To maintain  affordable  tuition  fees,  parents  are expected  to assist  in a once yearly  cleaning  & toy disinfecting   night.  If you choose  not to participate  or if your  pre-scheduled   cleaning  obligation  is not met, a fee of $125.00  will be charged.  Upon registration  you will be asked  to provide  a postdated cheque  in the amount  of $125.00  payable  to the  Banff Rundle  Playschool,  only to be cashed  if your cleaning  obligation  is not met.

A Parent  Cleaning  Committee  is organized  and scheduled  every four weeks.  The schedule  for each month will be posted  on the  bulletin  board. A parent volunteer  will be assigned  to lead each  month’s cleaning  night.  Parents will be asked to sign-in  upon arrival,  and in the event a parent  does not attend, they will automatically   be added to the schedule  for the next month. Duties for the Cleaning  Committee  are listed on the Playschool  door,  but a brief outline  is as follows: Clean plastic toys with a water-bleach   solution,  dry and reorganize  the toys in bins, tossing  any broken  toys; Wipe down  all surfaces,  ledges,  large toys, tables  and chairs  with a water-bleach   solution; Sanitize  bathroom,  toilet,  sink and step-stools; Play clothes,  doll clothes  and blankets  are to be washed  and folded.

The Parent  of the Day is also responsible  for some  minimal  cleaning  duties  as outlined  in the Parent of the Day guidelines.

Please  notify the teacher  or a Board  member  if you have any concerns  about  cleanliness  of the Playschool.