The Rundle Playschool Board is asking all parents to please commit to a volunteer Board/Committee position, help with one of the two larger parties, or be a Class Parent Volunteer during the school year. We understand that all families are busy, but volunteers are needed to ensure a smooth operating year and a fun introduction to school for each child.

Please review the positions below and indicate on Page 3 of the Registration Package your first and second choices. If more than one person is interested in a position, it will be decided by vote at the AGM scheduled for May 4, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Fenlands Banff Recreational Centre (curling entrance). All parents are invited to attend this meeting.

A Volunteer Security Cheque of $125 will be collected at registration and will only be cashed if families do not fulfill volunteer duties throughout the school year.

Our registrar, banffplayschool@gmail.com, can answer any questions or provide further details on the positions listed below.

The volunteer board positions are listed below; each position is a one year term.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Voting members who set the guidelines to ensure the successful operations of the Playschool. (Positions attend ALL Board Meetings)

  • Chair: participates as well as leads all board meetings. Responsibilities include the supervision of all board roles; oversees the establishment and implementation of procedures and policies; speaks publicly on behalf of the board; communicates with the teacher to ensure the Playschool Goal & Action Plan is being followed; is the key liaison with the teacher to maintain child-parent-board-teacher communication.
  • Vice-Chair: participates in all board meetings; responsible for organizing the Cleaning Committee and its schedules; responsible for Parent Helper Roles; responsible for managing the substitute teacher list & credentials; assumes the responsibility of the Chair in his/her absence; seeks appropriate licensing requirements.
  • Treasurer: participates in all board meetings; maintains the financial records of the Playschool; prepares & issues teacher(s) payroll; prepares and presents the annual budget; makes recommendations for future financial needs; seeks grants; establishes annual fundraising goals; issues cheques; handles refunds; prepares tax receipts twice annually; responsible for all bookkeeping matters.
  • Registrar: participates in all board meetings; organizes and oversees all registration duties, including the annual registration night; processes registrations; distributes Playschool information to new (and existing) parents; organizes and maintains class lists and waiting lists; acts as the contact person for the Playschool throughout the year.
  • Secretary: participates in all board meetings; records, distributes and maintains copies of all the minutes of all the board meetings.

BOARD OFFICERS – Non-voting members who play integral roles in the successful operations of the Playschool. These positions do not need to attend monthly Board Meetings.

  • Communications Officer: assembles a monthly newsletter and calendar of events based on information from teacher and board; distributes (via email) to all parents; maintains the Playschool bulletin board.
  • Lead Fundraiser: organizes and oversees all fundraising events; directs the fundraising committee volunteers.
  • Lead Party Planner: plans and organizes all parties and celebrations throughout the year; directs the party planning committee volunteers.

BOARD COMMITTEES – Non-voting members who provide fundamental assistance in the successful operations of the Playschool. These positions do not need to attend monthly Board Meetings.

  • Classroom Schedulers: organizes Parent of the Day schedules; responsible for assembling a monthly calendar for their specific class. Helps communicate last minute changes (ie. School cancellations) to their specific class. (1 parent per class)
  • Fundraising Committee: provides assistance to the Lead Fundraiser during all fundraising events to ensure successful collection of extra funds. Our main Fundraiser is the Mother’s Day Raffle. (1 parent per class as liaison, a minimum of 6 parents in committee)
  • Party Planning Committee: provides assistance to the Lead Party Planner during all parties and special events. Parents can sign up to assist with a specific larger party (Christmas or Year End). (1 parent per class as liaison, a minimum of 6 parents per large party)
  • Health & Safety Rep: handles all health & safety issues; maintains the health & safety bulletin board; confirms and refills the first-aid kit as needed according to current Occupational Health & Safety guidelines; maintains the MSDS binder as per Occupational Health & Safety guidelines; ensures accident and incident forms are on file; schedules and reviews the annual fire inspection; reviews the annual health inspection as required.
  • Field Trip Rep: organizes appropriate field trips and acts as a liaison between various businesses, museums, town sites, and the teacher/school.
  • Volunteer Rep: records volunteer work of all parents throughout the school year. Will be responsible for assigning parents who have deemed themselves “Class Parent Volunteer” to various classroom roles.
  • Maintenance Rep: remains on call throughout the year for any small repair, painting and handiwork for the Playschool.
  • Computer Rep: on call throughout the year for any computer/internet issues for the school.
  • Social Media Rep: keeps Facebook and/or Twitter updated with school information.

“Class Parent Volunteer”: includes being an extra body on hand for playschool outings, driving backpacks from Elementary school for Reading Buddies, available for in school parties(Halloween, Valentines, Easter) etc. You CANNOT be a Parent Volunteer on your designated Parent Helper Day.