Banff Rundle Playschool’s mission is to provide the opportunity for three and four-year old children to interact and learn through play in a trusting, safe and fun environment. The teacher will provide the children with a soft-structured program to guide them through their learning activities and experiences.

We feel that each child needs attention, acceptance, and love. Each child should be provided with
the opportunity to:
– be physically healthy and active
– develop language skills and thinking processes develop relationships with others
– communicate in unique and individual ways
– develop a responsible attitude toward other children and society.

The Playschool (pre-school) program focuses on the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and creative aspects of a child’s development. Our program lends itself to a “learn through play” philosophy. It has a soft-structured nature through which the teacher guides the children through varied learning activities and experiences. A positive playschool experience will help children develop a healthy self­ esteem. Therefore, a trusting, safe and fun environment is vital.

It is also well recognized that each child is an individual, developing at his/her own special rate and having his/her own unique abilities and needs. Attempts will be made to support children with any form of special needs, e.g. physical, emotional, social, behavioral, or language.

All that we expect of the children is that they come to school and have fun! What we expect from the parents is that they volunteer and abide by the operating procedures outlined in this handbook and in supplemental notes and newsletters. We welcome and expect parents to play an integral part in their child’s playschool years. We welcome extra help, suggestions and constructive feedback, as well as financial, moral and volunteer support. We thank you for choosing the Banff Rundle Playschool is a pre-school for your child’s first introduction to early childhood education. We look forward to a mutually rewarding school year ahead!